If you are building a web app and you are looking for some fancy ternding help, this can be the perfect solution out-of-the-box for you. Using only icons you can think of this menu as a control or user panel with some relevant functions for your app, if not all. In this example, we imagine about using it as a musisc app control panel for music and tracks playing. And what if your web app is as complex that you need special or fancier behaviours when clicking, then remember this is as every other wordpress plugin a GPL project so feel free to customize it or if you are not as techyy as you thought contact us for some cutting-edge customization only for you.





Social links auxiliar menu. 7 elements, only icons. Right position. VIEW


Only mobile auxiliar menu. 5 elements, icons + texts. Bottom position. It is only visible using a mobile device or simply reduce your browser screen size to simulate a small screen. VIEW




Language swticher. 6 elements, custom images. Right position. VIEW


Web app music menu. 6 elements, only icons. Bottom position. VIEW




Simple auxiliar menu. 5 elements, only texts. Top position. VIEW


Team edition extra menu, only for desktops. 8 elements, icons + texts. Left position. It is only visible in tablets or bigger screen sizes. It could be thought as a menu only for editors group role. VIEW




Transparent background menu. 4 elements, only icons. Left position. VIEW


Previous-next extra navigation menu. 3 elements, icons + texts. Bottom position. VIEW