If you are in a mobile device or viewing this with the browser window reduced you cannot see this menu, please use a tablet, laptop or big screen to see the menu, or simply maximize the browser screen if that is the case.

It is possible that your website is heavy populated with content, widgets, etc., and in small screens like mobiles your space is highly compromised. In that case maybe this menu is not useful at all and disturbs more than helps, so then configure it to only show up in medium to big screens, so it is only out there as an extra menu. In this example we thought of a team of developers or editors that usually works in the frontend and in desktops or laptops. The menu could be setup so only this user group (editors for example) actually see it, non-bothering all the other visitors including even the administrators. Really handy use of this menu as a feature offered only for some kind of users and in this case also without disturbing in small screens.






Social links auxiliar menu. 7 elements, only icons. Right position. VIEW


Only mobile auxiliar menu. 5 elements, icons + texts. Bottom position. It is only visible using a mobile device or simply reduce your browser screen size to simulate a small screen. VIEW




Language swticher. 6 elements, custom images. Right position. VIEW


Web app music menu. 6 elements, only icons. Bottom position. VIEW




Simple auxiliar menu. 5 elements, only texts. Top position. VIEW


Team edition extra menu, only for desktops. 8 elements, icons + texts. Left position. It is only visible in tablets or bigger screen sizes. It could be thought as a menu only for editors group role. VIEW




Transparent background menu. 4 elements, only icons. Left position. VIEW


Previous-next extra navigation menu. 3 elements, icons + texts. Bottom position. VIEW