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2.questions :)

Markus Salfeld asked 8 years ago

First…I already bought your pro version and there is the following error:
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2. Is there a way to add the menu only to different sites?
thanks for your kindly support

2 Answers
quique Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Markus,
Glad to see that you managed to solve the issue around those warnings. It is a common annoying issue that many users are having just after upgrading to the pro version.
Regarding the second questions, the plugin is WP multisite ready so you can enable/disable it in a per site basis inside the same WP network of sites.

quique Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi again Markus,
We are not totally sure what you are trying to achieve but we are going to assume that you have managed to set up WordPress in a multisite configuration, and hence you are creating independent sites/blogs inside the same network. (There are plenty of tutorials out there on how to set up WordPress to do that, simply google WordPress multisite)
Once WP is in multisite mode, in the admin master panel for all the network you can install this plugin and enable it for all the network. Once that is done you can go to each independent site, go to its plugin panel and then activate this plugin or not, or even better have different configurations for this plugin for each of the sites/blogs.
If you are looking after WP multisiting and you are new to WP we would recommend first to google some tutorials around it, it seems confusing at first but after a bit of time it is fairly simple and very powerful in comparison with other CMS out there, indeed we think it is one of the most interesting features out of the box of WordPress, specially because there are thousands of plugins out there that are multisite ready (like this one 😉
If you are not looking for this multisite thing, then apologies because we are not understanding what you are trying to achieve. We would need a bit more info then…