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4 different navigations for multilanguage site

Question & AnswersCategory: Technical4 different navigations for multilanguage site
mcmichal asked 7 years ago

I have a multilanguage site, is there some way to set 4 different Circular navigation menu depending on site language (to set navigation for certain pages)?

1 Answers
quique Staff answered 7 years ago

It depends:
If you are building a WordPress multisite website for multilingual purposes, the plugin is ready and you will have a different settings page for each site automatically. Once instance for each site inside your network of sites.
if you are building your multilingual website using WPML or other commercial multilingual plugins that let you manage different contents for same entries and also manage the front-end site depending on language selection, then this plugin would not serve as it is not intended and not integrated with any of those plugins.
In future releases (one coming very soon), you will be able to set the plugin to appear only in selected pages and the plugin will also allow to have more than one instance. But still, if your approach is to use another commercial plugin, it would be quite tedious and hard to make it work how you are intending.
Anyway, multisite approach for multilingual site is a quite common approach and it comes by default in WordPress with easy of use, so if that is your case, go for this plugin! even the free version is WP multisite ready!!