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Circular Nav not appearing on live site

Question & AnswersCategory: TechnicalCircular Nav not appearing on live site
Anonymous asked 8 years ago

I came across this plugin and thought it was really cool since I couldn’t get my nav menu items to appear how I wanted them to. 
I installed the plugin when I was building the site on my localserver. Everything was working fine, and it appeared with all the elements (6 total) with everything working and linking to pages on my site. However, since I migrated my site to my domain, no changes are appearing on the live site.
The circular navigation isn’t even there at all, even after I save changes under each menu. I thought maybe it was a cache issue. I deactivated W3 Cache, and reactivated it again, but still the same issue.
Can you help me out with this?

1 Answers
quique Staff answered 8 years ago

Yes, sure, could you pass me an email so we can talk about it to help you out. (Write me directly using contact form if you want).
I would need more info to find out what it is happening.