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Free version not working on my testsite but want to buy

Question & AnswersCategory: Pre-salesFree version not working on my testsite but want to buy
Anonymous asked 8 years ago

Hi. I amtesting your very nice looking plugin on my teststite http://www.testmipagina.com but the round button shows but nothing happens afterwards. I have added 4 elements and also tried with all my other plugins deactivated. Still no luck. Can you advise before I buy.

1 Answers
quique Staff answered 8 years ago

Can you write me through contact so I can get an email from you so we can start a direct conversation to help you out?
Anyway, without having any more information and after visiting the url for your testing website I see that there are no navigation elements being pushed to the frontend. Inspecting the code you can see that there are no navigation elements under the navigation wrapper (as for example is happening in this very demo site).
So I guess that when plugin is generating the file with the navigation elements (that happens any time you click save options in the backend admin panel), that file is not being updated properly.
Could you check if in /wp-contents/plugins/fixed-circular-navigation-menu/public/views/ the file named ‘cn-elements’ has some size instead being a 0Kb file? Is there something inside the file? If it is still 0Kb as I am guessing, it could be a file permission issue when plugin is trying to update the file (It should be 644 in permissions, and its parent directory ‘views’ should be set 755 in permissions).
I wait for your email so I can help you further finding out what is happening.
Sorry for delay in the answer anyway.