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How to change font type ?

Question & AnswersCategory: Customer SupportHow to change font type ?
Kim Larsen asked 9 years ago


Very cool plugin. But how do i change the font type in Pro version ?

1 Answers
quique Staff answered 9 years ago

Hi Kim,

Currently, the plugin uses the main font family type that your theme is using in order to maintain same style and feeling of your overall design.

In next updates, it is possible that it will be included an option to choose from the common web font families, but we do not expect to include google-fonts directly in the plugin as they are already used and included in most of themes out there and you could include them with other many WordPress plugins.

Anyway, if you need to set an specific font there is a quick and simple workaround for now. Just simply include in styles.css of your theme or in main css stylesheet of your theme or in the custom css styles of your theme option panel the next styles with the font-family you want to use for the texts:

– For texts inside navigation elements:

.cn-wrapper li a span p { font-family: "the_font_you_want" ;}

– And for texts inside the menu button:

.cn-modern .cn-button-text { font-family: "the_font_you_want" ;}

If you need more help doing this, just tell us and we will help you out or we can even do it for you.

Best regards,