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Is it possible to use more than one circ. menu in a site?

Question & AnswersCategory: TechnicalIs it possible to use more than one circ. menu in a site?
cristiano drosg asked 6 years ago

I like very much your work! I think it’s a super plug-in, very cool, simple and useful. Can double manu in a site? For ex. on left and right, for pages in a side and for social in the other side.. 

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quique Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Cristiano,
Short story: not yet, but already in development.
Long story: that feature was already in the list for future updates, but we are already facing some delays for the next major update of the plugin (with some new cool features like the ability to open the menu with swiping gestures in mobile devices), which will happen by the end of March. Moreover, we are likely not to include that option yet in that update, as it implies a change in the very core of the plugin and we would like to test such a critical change properly.
We can tell you that we will allow to have up to 4 instances of the plugin, so you could end up having one menu at each side of the screen (top-bottom-left-right).
Best wishes