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Nav external-links are not sending me to an external website

Question & AnswersCategory: Customer SupportNav external-links are not sending me to an external website
rich888 asked 7 years ago

Hi pal,
I just purchased your wonderful plugin, but in one of the demos you have (left) you can go to external websites, but I’m traying to do the same, that is actually what I really need, but is not working, it’s sending me to my actual website followed by the link that suppose to go, (something like this: http//www.myactualwebsite/externalwebsite) but obviously appear a 404 message that page is not found, because is acting like if was an internal page. I urgently need to solve this because my entire project will depend on it right now, or to find other solution :´(  I want to use your plugin as it’s the perfect solution for my project, so please Help!!
I’ll really appreciate your ASAP answer.
My very best regards,
Jordi R

1 Answers
quique Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Jordi,
Sorry for the late response. 
You have to write the entire URL you want to link to. With the http::// or https:// included. The safest way to be sure is to copy and paste fron the browser.
If you do not put the entire it will redirect to an internal page of your website which is another intended use of the plugin as well. 
Please let us know if that helps, if not we will assist you further.